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The eTowns hosted platform gives you the tools to easily manage and grow your private online community.

It is time to bring

your town online!

With eTowns as your development partner, it has never been easier to bring your city or town online. eTowns provides comprehensive support from start to finish, tailoring your unique site to your requirements.

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A Community for Life!

Community solutions from eTowns allow you to connect and empower all of your stakeholders across the school lifecycle. With eTowns, students, parents, faculty, alumni, fans, and local businesses are all on the same team.

Popular Solutions:

Community Directory and Messaging

Payment processing and Fundraising

Photos, Videos and Livestreams

Events and Even registration

Sports Team Management

Event Calendar

The Winning Team

From the smallest clubs to national governing bodies, sports organizations from around the world rely on eTowns to create a more rewarding experience for every single member they serve.

Popular Solutions:

Scores and Schedules

Player and Roster Management

Photos, Videos and Livestreaming

Payment Processing and Fundraising

Empowering Faith

With a eTowns community, members are able to stay connected throughout the week, both at home and when away from home, and can easily make new connections with like-minded individuals and families.

Popular Solutions:

Directory and Private Messaging

Photos, Videos and Livestreaming

Payment Processing and Fundraising

The New Welcome Wagon

With a eTowns community, nobody in the neighborhood needs to be a stranger. eTowns helps you to keep your neighborhood safe, efficient and connected.

Popular Solutions:

Directory for securely connecting to your neighbors

Event calendar and event registration

Photos, Videos and Livestreams

Selling goods and services in the community

Homeowner and Association payment processing

News and Alerts

Community Polling and voting

Hobby and Enthusiast Groups

With eTowns, there is something for everyone. Instantly join new groups without having to re-register each time.

Popular Solutions:

Directory and Member Management

Event calendar and event registration

Photos, Videos and Livestreams

Selling goods and services in the community

News and Alerts

Start Your Own Community Browse & Join Communities

Platform Main Features & Tools

A unified experience that connect your community members together

The eTowns sports portals brings together all of the features that sports fans are seeking into a unified experience that connect fans, players, coaching staff and sponsors.

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All of your community calendars in one place

Member Profiles

Know who’s on first and much more!

Online Store

All your favorite community gear in one place.

Media & Streaming

Videos, Photo Gallery and Livestream

Email service

Show your team spirit with your own @Community email address


Sell within your community


Know who you are dealing with online

Directory Services

Connecting Faculty, Students, and Community

Community Money

Branded currency for your community commerce

News and Information

Community-powered content, and News Articles

Community Management Solutions from

eTowns will grow with you!

Your site is live within minutes and can can easily scale from 10 members to 10 million without changing technologies. If you need custom solutions, our team will work with you to manage a seamless transition to a tailored solution

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